Adult Maine Coons
In 1998 we purchased our 1st Maine Coon from Congo Coons Cattery.
Hooker is an awesome cat as you can see pictured here. He is long, dripping in gorgeous
shag coat and very large.

He was our introduction to the breed and the start of our love for the Maine Coons.
We have been breeding these amazing felines since and are proud of the kittens we are
able to offer.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
All of our breeding cats are NEGATIVE for the MyBPC HCM (heart disease)
Gene Mutation!

We are very pleased to add 2 kittens from Poland to our breeding program. They
are long, lean and raw boned. Added to our size we will hopefully offer a little
different look, somewhat more feral.      Meet Opal & Porter.
OPAL at 14 mos. Beautiful, very regal queen!
Big boned, handsome male.
Beautiful male is NYTRO of Backwoods.
Turning into quite "the man" at 10 mos.
We thank Congocoons for this explosive red beauty.
Slate as an adult. Big beautiful poly female.
This is Willow. As sweet as she is pretty.
  Willow is a blue patch poly.
Yoda, a big classic brown tabby female.
Slate has great ear set &tips.
Here at 9 weeks old.