Previous Kittens
These are a few of our previous kittens. Hope you enjoy!
Pleezzzzz....not pictures AGAIN!!
Heard I'm goin' home soon!
"with all these fingers & toes I
wonder what a mani-pedi is going to
cost"?            4 paw poly.
Our kitten room with babies enjoying some much needed sunshine.
Nap time is over. Look out !
We're often asked if Maine Coon's are a social
kitten. Above is an example !!  Meet Claudia, the
MC and her buddies, 2 guinea pigs and a lop ear
bunny....... Not shown is a small dog that also
joins the fun.  Too cute !!

Below resting with her human !!
Above is Odin's paw, at 4 years old and 21 lbs.
He is truly a gentle giant ! Shown in an adult
Milo now lives the good life in FL.
         Above at 4 mos.
   Milo at 7 months and 12 lbs.